Validation failure UI for selects on IE

I was noticing that the default red background for fields failing
validation fails to show for SELECTS on IE. This appears to be due to
some faulty treatment of white space by IE within the DIV tag.

Has anyone found a simple workaround for this?


Here's a solution I found, but I wish there were a better way.

I froze my app to Rails 1.1.6, and edited active_record_helper.rb,
changing line 6 from:

@@field_error_proc ={ |html_tag, instance| "<div
class=\"fieldWithErrors\">#{html_tag}</div>" }


@@field_error_proc ={ |html_tag, instance| "<div
class=\"fieldWithErrors\">#{html_tag}&nbsp;</div>" }

Note the addition of the &nbsp; just before the closing div tag.

Believe it or not this enables IE to display errors (red backgrounds)
around selects. I haven't yet noticed any negative side-effects. But
this is a slippery slope, so like I said, I wish there were a better