IE doesn't take parameters generated by rails Firefox does

Tam Kbe wrote:


I have this code in ruby on rails view (.html.erb):

<%= text_field :poll, :option3_text, :size => 20, :class => 'topicField'

Which translates in HTML code to:

<input id="poll_option3_text" class="topicField" type="text" size="20"

When I print the parameters passed from the browser inside Ruby console,
it prints correctly when using FireFox but it doesn't pass it at all
with IE.

For instance, FireFox prints params (puts params) as:

While IE doesn't even have option3_text in it's parameters list.

Check that your form and text field are in legal HTML places.
For example, that the form does not straddle other elements,
and that it is not inside a table (except wholly within a
table cell).