problem with RJS, params and Internet Explorer


I have some RJS code to update my select fields. It perfectly works on
Firefox, but IE don't want to send params to controller.

Here is the code in view:

<%= select("incident","service_group_id", @service_groups,{:selected =>
  :onchange => remote_function(
    :update => "incident_service_id",
    :url => {:action => :update_services},
    :with => "'service_group_id=' + this.value")
}) %>

So in Firefox I have following params for ex.:
{"action" => "update_services", "controller" => "incidents",
"service_group_id" => "2"}

But in IE:
{"action" => "update_services", "controller" => "incidents"}

Tested on ruby 1.8, rails 2.3.4, Firefox 3.5, Internet Explorer 6,7,8

Hope, u help me

Are you sure that this.value is the way of access a select control
current value? Probably IE access it in a different way (as usual)
I'd strongly recommend you to access the value using Prototype or
jQuery or whatever JS library you're using.

I'm not using Prototype since a while ago, but I think this should work.
(API docs are your friend.)

<%="service_group_id", @service_groups,{:selected => 0},{
  :onchange => remote_function(
    :update => "incident_service_id",
    :url => {:action => :update_services},
    :with => "'service_group_id=' + $F('incident_service_group_id')")
  }) %>

I'd tried this way, but effect is the same, IE doesn't transfer params
and FF does

Did you try teh getValue() method?
try this:
    :with => "'service_group_id=' + $('incident_service_group_id').getValue())

Could it be concerned with session & cookies? I noticed that, when I
switch authorization off, onchange event works even in IE