IBM_DB version 1.0.5 supports ruby-1.9.1

Hi All,

New version (1.0.5) of ibm_db Rails Adapter/driver for IBM dataservers is now available. This release of gem provides support for ruby-1.9.1. With this support for 1.9.1 the ibm_db gem works fine as a ASCII driver, with unicode support to follow in the coming releases. This release also provides support for SQLRowcount feature in the driver. This release contains fix for the bugs raised, whose details can be found in the change log. Go through the section below for selecting the right packages for your respective environments.

Selection of packages: -

    Unix/Linux/MacOS platforms: -

       ibm_db-1.0.5.gem --->

    Windows platform: -


           ibm_db-1.0.5-mswin32.gem --->


           ibm_db-1.0.5-x86-mswin32-rb191.gem --->

    Source: -        rubyibm-1.0.5.tar.gz --->



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