Rails 2.1 and DB2

Hello all,

Can anyone tell me which adapter is used to connect rails 2.1 and db2.

ibm_db2 0.9.4 is not working for me.

thank you

You want ibm_db (not ibm_db2)

You can install this through a standard gem install.

The name was changed to reflect the fact that this driver works for not only DB both other IBM databases such as Informix.

Although officially the IBM driver isn't yet supported for Rails 2.x (unless I missed the announcement) it doesn't seem to have any problems.

I'm just back from giving a presentation on "DB2 on Rails" at the International DB2 Users Group : it goes into great detail about getting DB2 and Rails to play nice together.

You may already know this, but there are some things you have to do to make Rails DB2-aware. There are also some fixes floating around the blogs to add some DB2-specific support for some of the testing tasks in rake. I've got some additional changes to these I've done myself (albeit for Rails 1.8.6).

If you are interested in my presentation then download it from -


For info, I generated this in OpenOffice. It seems to always put the slides first on their own and then the slides with notes pages afterwards. So if you want the slides with detailed notes these start on page 70 !!!