I wanna do a project on RoR

Hi..Friends...I m a final yr IT engg student...I wanna learn RoR n use it for my Btech project...Kindly help me in dis regard...My exact query is:

1)Wat project topic to choose 2)How to learn dis technology n implement it in my project

I’m following the same way, but in my case I want to update my systems language from CAKEPHP to RoR and don’t know how begin.

The best way to learn is to do. Find something you lack, something that can make your day easyer. Then create that project slowly, and remember to use svn, use google, and get started.

I have created severel projects/websites in RoR http://recall.mednote.dk

This helps me with flashcards for my exams.. (still a medical student).

Remember to find a good IDE that support RoR framework, and also supports svn.

regards svend

Hello Svend, would you be willing to explain how you set up the flash cards?

thank you, Jason

The best advice I can give you is to grab a good book (I recommend Simply Rails 2 at the moment) and then sit down, read it, work through the code examples, and then reread it. Finally, after that, just get coding something and when you have questions on how to do something, ask.

That's about the best advice I can give. There is no magic formula.