I need to hire someone to develop a custom encryptor for devise

I have a Joomla 3.x website on production. I already have a lot of users signed in.
I would like to re-make the website using rails, but I would need to migrate all users.
I don’t want the users to have to change their passwords.

That’s why I need to create a custom encryptor for devise that uses the same encryption method that Joomla 3.x does.

The final objective is to be able to copy all the user passwords from joomla users table to devise users table without any modification. And then, the users will be able to log in to the new rails app with the same password they’ve always used.

Is anybody interested in this?

I don’t think you need a custom encryptor. Since the database is accessible you can process and migrate all users without changing passwords. I am interested