HttpMock Post Parameters

Does anyone know how you can specify the body of an HttpMock post as
well as the body of the response?

I'm trying to test a restful API where the parameters are posted in in
the body of the post as XML and the response is XML in the response

As far as I can tell, you can only specify one body in a mock object?


I never got a reply, so either I'm crazy or other people have just
lived with the issue. In any event, I wanted to post my work around.
Rather than creating my mock request/response pairs using the
ActiveResource::HttpMock.respond_to method, I actually had to create
both the request and the response individually and then add them to
the ActiveResource::HttpMock.responses. Here is what I did:

# Created my mock request:
request =,
                                       path = "/my/path.xml",
                                       body =
                                       request_headers =

# Created my mock response:
response = =
                                        status = 200,

# Add the pair to the mock responses:
ActiveResource::HttpMock.responses << [request, response]