Testing XML over HTTP in a Rails app


I'm looking at testing the XML API methods of my RESTful controllers -- create, update etc. I thought this would be really straightforward, and perhaps it is, but I'm struggling to find a good explanation of how to go about it the Rails way.

Firstly, I can successfully test it from the command line using curl, e.g:

curl -H "Accept: application/xml" -X GET --basic -u user:password http://myapp:3000/clients

However I'd really like automated functional tests for all these methods, just as I have for the HTML responses in my controllers.

I've read a little about ActiveResource::HttpMock which looks like it could be useful, but ideally I'd like to test the actual XML requests to my controllers.

Can anyone shed any light on the correct way to do this and any reading resources?

Thanks a lot, Olly