How to use One controller's CRUD methods from another controller?

In a sample app,we have one controller called employee_controller.This
one has its model and view parts.
Now can we create another controller(say,emp_controller,which
shouldn't have model or view parts) in such a way that one can access
all employee's methods through emp_controller.

That means,GET on http://server:3000/emp/{:id} would give same results
as a GET on http://server:3000/employee/{:id} would do?

Or,http://server:3000/emp/{:id}/skill/ would give same results as a
GET on http://server:3000/employee/{:id}/expertise/ would do?

[whereas emp is the controller mapping to employee and skill is the
controller mapping to expertise]

And I do not want to redirect to original urls(employee or employee/id/
The new front-end urls with emp and skill controllers should be
sufficient to get tha data from original urls and show.

Set up routes for those actions so that emp url goes to the
appropriate employee controller actions.