How to set up fixtures to use ActiveRecord callbacks?

Hi all,

I have a rake task that is seeding my database. This is so I can drop and recreate the entire database and then add some company accounts very easily. My rake file (lib/tasks/database.rake) looks like this:

namespace :db do
   desc "Load seed fixtures (from db/fixture) into the current environment's database."
   task :seed => :environment do
     require 'active_record/fixtures'
     Dir.glob(RAILS_ROOT + '/db/fixture/*.yml').each do |file|
       Fixtures.create_fixtures('db/fixture', File.basename(file, '.*'))

Basically, it's just looking through db/fixture for any fixture files to load into the database. As mentioned previously, I'd like to use the fixture to create some user accounts. However, in my account model, I have a before_save callback that is responsible for creating hashes of user's passwords before they are saved out to the database. Is there any way to do either make the rake task respect the ActiveRecord callbacks or somehow add the hashing logic directly to the task?

Thanks in advance,

Michael J. I. Jackson

I've found the easiest way to do this is to put hashed passwords in
the fixtures, i.e.

  id: 1
  password: ae135e826bbd76cf593d8db38c02ed2e134e159f #test