How to see the feed of your items

Hello everyone, I am a bit confused with the XML markup the controller
generates in an rails scaffold, because I can't see it. For example, I
create a post scaffold then I go to http://localhost:3000/posts but I
can't see the RSS icon on the nav bar on Firefox, neither in Chrome
with an extension. Any trick for that, did I make any mistake?

Thanks previously,
Rodrigo Alves Vieira



this first mistake

rails generate only api(xml, json) and html scaffold, rss its subs of xml, but not the same, u should u own write rss.xml.builder with rss schema definition, or use some plugins, such as atom feed, and so on

the first mistake, if u wanna that u browser show u the “rss” link u shoud add alternate link to your headers

Best Regards, Dieinzige