how to pass argument to Controler method. (RoR +AJAX)


My problem is the following.
I have to describe a sort of a "news" page. (I just have to give the
basic architecture)

I want to refresh a <div> acording to the name of the link cliked.

my code looks like this :

Try adding :with => "'variable=' + value" after the URL info. You can
code the variable name (such as "section="), but you'll need to find a
way to get the section name into the place of "value" above. That
will depend on how you're creating your links.

In the end, this should (hopefully) work for one link:

<%= link_to_remote "sports",
    :update => 'news_div',
    :url => {:action => "getinfo"},
    :with => "'section=' + 'sports'" %>

Looking at it again, you could probably use :with =>
"section=#{link.section}" for better readability.