How to navigate to an external URL from a controller

I'm using restful_authentication plugin for my webapp. After everything is setup properly, the user signup, login and logout can work without any problem. Now, I don't know how an external URL, such as, can be navigated to the moment a user has successfully login.

For example, when I login successfully at http://localhost:3000/login, it is automatically routed to the the Rails Welcome Aboard page. I don't want that to happen. I want it to go to

Does anyone know how to do that? Appreciate if anyone can help.

config/routes.rb. There are a ton of good resources out there about routing in Rails in case you don't know much about how they work.


The resources are all about routing internally. If you know any resources that can help me, please advise. I'm desperate..haha

redirect_to ''

Thank you, Scott. It works! Just FYI, it's actually redirect_to("")

Scott wrote:

Actually... it's both ways. The parenthesis aren't required in ruby when calling methods.