How to make REST web client

I have to make a REST client, making use of Activeresource, The problem
is I have to make a custom web interface to make calls to the server
resources. How should I do it ? I have been able to make REST calls via
command prompt though ?Will appreciate any suggestions.

The book RESTful Web Services has a great explanation on how to do it.

Basically make a RESTful website requires that you understand the API of the RESTful web service you want to connect to. Once you have that, basically all you do it create wrapper classes for the various url calls. So lets say there is a resource called {BOX} and a get request gets a list of the box, all you have to do is then use either http/net or open-uri and send a get request to the server. If it is a true rest service with put, delete and header files then you have to install a gem that does more than just get and post. Will post a more detailed explanation later. Also please specfiy the web service and maybe I can help more.

Reuben Doetsch

Thanx for your reply. I had previously used http/net and open-uri but
later opted for ActiveResource, because of open-uri only supporting get,
I want to make a custom GUI from which I want to access the server
service exposed as rows objects, In the meantime, I am able to make
restful calls to the server using all four methods(get,post,put,delete)
through a web interface, what I have done is used the ActiveResource
library and made a custom Ruby class including methods suitable
according to my requirements then through the gui, been able to make all
four calls to the services ? I am afraid am I violating any constraints
making my system Restful.

Here is how I am doing...For example to delete a resource in the server
lets say

In the client application I am doing,

and which in turn calls the custom method in the client side which then
invokes the activeresource library actually making delete http call to
the server service and this time, the work
is performed though…I am not sure about the way I am proceedings, Is it
a fine way of working with REST or may be I have to look for the
alternatives may be Javascript client ???

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