How to make an ActiveRecord::Base object to have a list of strings?


I'm new to Rails and already did some stuff with ActiveRecord
associations but I cannot do one thing:

I've got a

This won't answer your question but I hope it helps you because your
approach sounds too complicated to me, unless it is just for playing
and learning. Why would you want to store each word in a record in a
table? What if a word belongs to more than one paragraph?

How about hiding the “ugly” code on a to_simplified_json method in your Paragraph model?

Yeah, one word could belong to many paragraphs but it was actually
more for experimentation purposes.
With Hibernate in Java one could use annotations like @Embedded to
achieve something similar so I wanted to compare Hibernate and
ActiveRecord but in reality, you're right, it is a bit too complicated

Yep, I guess I'll end up doing just that (: Just wondered if there is
something neater to do.

Thank you,


serialize :words, Array

what you are looking for ?


I guess I can use that. Thank you!


Serialize ? What do that ?

Matias Fierro wrote in post #956786:

Serialize ? What do that ?

It does exactly what the docs say it does.