arrays into columns

hey (first post jitters..)
Im a baby in rails web development-please be obvious

How would I get an array as a column set of data?
Could I just generate the table with:

title:string description:text .... list:array

Is array there valid?

If its not possible is there a way to contain a list of data that can
be added to by the app.

Thanks plenty

If I understand correctly you want to put the contents of an entire
array into a single record in a table. Whilst this is possible by
encoding the contents into a string this is often not the best
solution to the underlying problem. Give us some more details of what
you are trying to achieve, there may be a better way, using has_many
and belongs_to relationships for example. It might be worth your
while first looking at the rails guides on ActiveRecord relationships
at (and also Getting Started if you
have not already seen that one). These might give some ideas on
alternative solutions.


No, not valid; you want an association. Read here: