How to keep the rails server always ON?

I have to type: rails server, each time I want it to be running in the background. How to keep it started always in the background?

Apache/nginx + passenger

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在 2011-8-4,14:48,Rubyist Rohit <> 写道:

Is this a command that I have to type in the command prompt? I am using Windows 7.

hey Rubyist, those are web servers. You need to configure the web server.

Webrick is the default web server that runs when you type rails server. When you’re running it in development mode, it will reload any code changes that you might happen to make on each request, but it won’t be able to pick up changes to configuration files and Ruby gems that are loaded only at server startup time. Furthermore, if you’re just learning Ruby / Rails, you’re going to make a lot of mistakes, and having the web server console output to refer to whenever something blows up is going to be useful. Having your server running in the background is going to take all that away from you.

When I’m working on a project, I keep a server up and running in its own terminal window pretty much all the time and restart it whenever I need to pick up a configuration change.