How to insert/upload my static pages into the application

Hi All,
this is venkat and who is a bit new to ROR,
I am working on buildina a hospital website.
So almost all my webpages are static pages.
I created all my webpages(8 in total) a home page and links to the
other pages.
so how can i insert/upload these pages in to the site? and also let me
know where can i put resources like images in the webpages..
please help as i left with very less time.....

You don’t need Rails for a static website. Just upload your static files and images using ftp to your host.

He says most are static, so it seems that there is a need for ROR.

Static pages and other ressources Cannabis be put into the public folder of the ROR standard directory structure.


oK, then wat abt the routing?

Rails looks first if there is a file in the path, if not then routing comes into place