how to insert static pages and how to develop a website using ROR?

Hi all..........
I configured ROR successfully...and i practiced 2-3 sample
applications Using ROR like creating a video_jukebox and displaying a
list of tickets etc..
but now i want to build a real time project using ROR.That is a site
for a hospital and which contains almost all pages.
So how to insert those static pages into the site using ROR...and from
where to start?
Pls help.......


create apprpriate controller and action of your static page

like if your have controller called home_conntroller the action for index

like controller ->home action ->index

so in rails you will get a view foor each action

in index file you just paste the welcome page html file on that

if ur well in layout u create layout for that or you can use application layout

there you can separte your common things like all the pages, the header and footer

will be same so paste those things there

then you paste remaing things in their own page other wise you have copy and paste the header and footer in each view file.

hi mahesh,
Thanks for the quick response...... i tried what u told
but the images are not getting displayed..
i seperately designed a home page using html and i pasted the code in
the home\index.html (i copied the image to home foleder as well)but
the text only itself only displaing and the images are not..
and one more doubt, if we developed this home page using photoshop how
can i insert that or if the home page is designed using some asp like
that then wat to do?

Hi venkat

I Hope u included all the css and images

In Rails app we have a folder called public, Inside public u can see the folders 1)images 2)javascripts 3)stylesheets there u have to paste all the images and css & js in their respective folder.

then u have to give a image path u have to give like this

do u have firebug tool in your firefox, if u have that u can easily inspect the element then

u can modify the code there u can see the temp output there.

If you're new to this stuff, spend some time with
I invested 2 days in going over this tutorial and it's very useful for
a newcomer.

Here's useful examples about static pages:

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