how to handle my comment validation errors

I've got a resorts view, shows details of a ski resort. Under the resort description I allow users to leave comments on the resort - works fine.

- Resort has many comments. - Comment belongs to resort.

However, slight problemo - the comment form on my resorts page creates a new comment via the Comments Controller (new and create actions are available to the public). This works fine.

But how oh how do I send back the comment validation errors to the Resorts show view when redirected from the comments controller - I'd like to do this.

It's horrible at the moment - I'm using the flash to display feedback to the user, it's not ideal.

How should I handle this - surely a common situation?

When I redirect back to the resort can I pass back the comment complete with any errors?


Basically you can see what I followed here.

My comments on my resorts in this case are similar to the comments on each blog post.

But when this guy redirects back to the @post I can't see how validation errors can be included? He just uses the flash?

Please advise.



Either you render the resort show action if your create fails or you use ajax to update only the comment part of your view.