How to generate a PDF from html.erb file..

Hello friends,
I have a task in which i need to generate a pdf file from the html.erb file. and seriously i don’t have any clue. So pleas help me out…


Be prepared to shell out quite a bit of money for the exorbant license fee, but:

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Peter De Berdt

Looks like maybe a job for PHP which has a nice class library for
doing PDF... Maybe somebody could port it to Rails?


Have a look at
<>. I have
no experience using it, but it looks up to date and the templates are
ok (as far as pdf generation goes..), e.g. <http://

Another option is to generate LaTeX documents using erb and post-
process these using pdflatex. Should be doable in less than 50 lines
of ruby, but IMO not practical unless you're comfortable with LaTeX.