Creating PDF files from your Rails templates...

Just posted a little how-to about creating PDF files directly from Rails templates. Thought you all would enjoy it.


It’s actually quite easy. Download the files, include them in you rails app, and call 1 line of ruby code :wink:


Great stuff, I'll have to try this out.

I've bee looking to do exactly this for over a year!


Thanks! This is great and will be very useful. PDF is one of those
things I had been putting off.

In case it is helpful for anyone else, I wrote up the installation
steps and how I needed to modify it for use.

(To mixplate: The Prince license is here:
My understanding is that it's free for non-commercial use. $495 for a
single computer to use for commercial purposes. $3,800 to put it on a
server for anyone to use.)

Thanks again,
Kevin Skoglund

Cool take on it. A plugin might be nice to see as you suggested.

Post a comment on the blog with the link so people can check out your write-up too! :wink: