How to expire fragment cache from model?

Hi. I need to figure out how to call expire_fragment from within a model. Seems to be a method which is not normally available to the model...?

Situation is that I am feeding emails in via a MailReceiver model:

    class MyMailReceiver < ActionMailer::Base
    etc ...

I'm using an external script to call something like "script/runner MyMailReceiver.receive(somedata)", and as a result of this call I need to then expire some page fragment cache items

Any suggestions on how to make this happen? Should perhaps I not be pushing my email directly into the Model and instead via some controller...? Any other suggestions for how to accept external email into Rails?


Ed W


  include ActionController::Caching::Fragments

Long shot, but who knows. It's probably better to include this in your script than the model itself, since the model itself should not know about caching.
Seems like the better thing is for the script to call a controller rather than a model directly?

The example on the rails wiki talks directly to the model, but I think this feels like a bit of a hack really...

Appreciate any thoughts...


Ed W