how to exclude field from edit

I'd like to exclude certain fields from rails' edit view. I want the
value of these fields to be calculated by the database. I'd like the
value visible in rails, but I'd like to hide the field when in edit
mode. Can I do this? How?


You can access in your view to controller.action_name. So you could
write a my_text_field(params) helper working like:

controller.action_name != 'edit' ? text_field(params) : hidden_field(params)

Hope I've understood your problem.

The programmer chooses the fields to show in a form. In you are using scaffolding you'll need to adapt the edit view to your needs.

On the other hand, if in addition you need to ensure users don't inject values in that field have a look at attr_protected and, in recent Rails, attr_readonly.

-- fxn