How to create an app plugin?

Hi all,

I would like to create a 'piece' of application, a poll system, and
to make it as a plugin.

I found many information about plugins, most about mixin and extending
core, but not so much for making plugin with controllers and views.

First, Do I think the wrong way with plugin ?

Then I found the following on techno weenie:

for your model :

    models_path = File.join(directory, 'app', 'models')
    $LOAD_PATH << models_path
    Dependencies.load_paths << models_path

for the controllers it's quite the same:

    controller_path = File.join(directory, 'app', 'controllers')
    $LOAD_PATH << controller_path
    Dependencies.load_paths << controller_path
    config.controller_paths << controller_path

And finally to include views, you should integrate in your controller:

    self.template_root = File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), '..',

Is it a good practise ? Is it the good way to share a piece of

And other questions come to my mind:

    * How standardize the way of communicate between application and
plugin ?
    * In the same topic, I have 2 parts in the plugin, one for admin
one for front user, How should I do to easily provide a plugin knowing
every application have a different way to authorize or authenticate

Please feel free to share any knowledge on these subjects :slight_smile:

Engines ( are typically the way to go to
share complete MVC slices among applications.