How to convert Csv into Excel

Is there any ruby gems or plugin which can be used for converting (.csv) files inot (.xls) files , or is there any mechanism which can be used for the conversion of files from csv to xls .


I have written a toolkit in this area, still working toward releasing the gem on ruby gems but project/source is here

The .xls file read/write requires JRuby but is OS independant and does not require Excel be installed.

The main focus is import/export from active record direct to Excel or CSV but all the tools for CSV->Excel are in there .. the excel wrapper to generate Excel from Ruby arrays/data is under : lib / helpers / jruby / jexcel_file.rb and check out the specs and tasks such as interact tasks/excel_generator.rake

Hope that helps Tom

The spreadsheet gem may help.


I tend to just open the CSV in Excel... :-/

Are you planning to support ods files? That is something I am sorely missing. At the moment I have to use the spreadsheet gem to generate xls files which I then access from LibreOffice. Yuk!