How to connect ruby on rails to mysql

Hi Friends,

i am new to ruby on rails, i want to connect mysql from ruby on rails,
how i connect and how to operations like create and update delete . any
one have idea please help me out

Thanks In Advance
V.Venkateswara rao

Go read a tutorial.

Go read a tutorial.

Agreed, but do more than read it, work right through the tutorial in
order to understand the basics of rails. The tutorial is free to use


Colin Law wrote in post #1095694:

For connecting mysql to your rails App follow below commands

  1. in terminal when your creating new App

rails new -d mysql (-d for database)

  1. Open your database.yml file (Appname/config/database.yml)

give password of your mysql at DEVELOPMENT and Testing

  1. rake db:create

4.rake db:migrate