How to change a query "objective"

Quick question:

Group.first.resources.joins(:tags).group("").select(", count(*)")

=> [#<Resource id: 1>, #<Resource id: 2>, #<Resource id: 3>,
#<Resource id: 4>, #<Resource id: 5>]

This results in the following (correct) query:

"SELECT, count(*) FROM "resources" INNER JOIN "taggings" ON
"resources"."id" = "taggings"."resource_id" INNER JOIN "tags" ON
"tags"."id" = "taggings"."tag_id" INNER JOIN "group_resources" ON
"resources".id = "group_resources".resource_id WHERE
(("group_resources".group_id = 1)) GROUP BY"

I don't want the Resources, I want the damn Tags. Any clues?