how to build a welcome page?

I am describing what I am trying to accomplish:
I want to create a main welcome page. So I ran script/generate
admin/welcome. This created welcome controller
Then I wanted to attach this welcome controller to the main
In the application.html.erb file I want to show a ‘login’ control and
two action buttons: ‘suppliers’ and ‘contractors’. This means somehow
have to create three controllers: ‘login’, ‘suppliers’, and
- Should I create all three controllers under admin?
- How to connect my welcome controller to these three controllers
get to display the application.html.erb file
I do not know if I am thinking in the correct direction also? Please

A “welcome” controller probably shouldn’t be part of your admin interface… usually that name is used for the site landing page. Or am I misunderstanding the purpose of your page? Is it the main screen of your admin section?

A “login” controller depends on how you’re making your user accounts. I’m using AuthLogic, so I have a mapping from /login to /user_session/new.

‘Suppliers’ and ‘contractors’ both sound like RESTful resources. You can just make them with the scaffold generator and then editing the views.

You don’t need to use the application layout explicitly. It’ll be used by default. See here: