How to access to the attributes of the middle table set up by :through?

Hello all,

i have 3 models here:

  #the users who visited the place
  has_many :visiteds
  has_many :visitors, :through=>:visiteds, :source=>:user

#the places this user has visited
  has_many :visiteds
  has_many :visited_places, :through=>:visiteds, :source=>:place

visited: (id, user_id, place_id, recommended(boolean) )
  class Visited < ActiveRecord::Base
    belongs_to :user
    belongs_to :place

a user can "been to" a place using:
    visited = => true)
    visited.user = a_user!

but how do i access back to the attributes of the middle table?
currently, i m doing this:
   visited =
current_user.visiteds.find(:first, :conditions=>["place_id
= ?" ,placeid])
   recommand = visited.recommended
but this looks quite stupid, is there any "built-in" way i can do

Thank you.