How much ruby should I know prior to learning rails?

Hi :slight_smile:

I've been reading Chris Pine's Learn to program for about a month now
and I'm not done yet... I'm just beyond half-way through the book I'm
yet to learn Reading and Writing, Saving and Loading, Classes, Blocks
and Procs... Must I necessarily finish these before attempting to learn
rails or I can go ahead to start learning rails alongside learn the
"remainder" of ruby? If I go ahead to learn rails with my current
knowledge, will I meet any major difficulties or I'm just going to be

Thank you :slight_smile:

As long as you have got a basic understanding, and provided you brain
capacity can support it, then when you get to the point that you are
getting bored with just learning Ruby then start on Rails too. Just
don't forget to carry on with the more detailed aspects of Ruby at the
same time.

Having said that and re-read your post, I suggest that you are reading
the wrong book. How can one get half way through a book on Ruby (if
that is what it is) without learning about classes and blocks. I
cannot see how you can write anything worthwhile without a knowledge
of these.


I'd say the better you know ruby so easier will be to learn rails, but
you don't need to be a ruby ace to start learning rails.
As long as you feel comfortable with blocks, iterators and the "ruby
way" of doing things, you won't find major obstacles in rails.
Also, rails has its own concepts an complexity which shouldn't be left
aside until you get fully ruby proficient, specially if learning rails
is your actual purpose.

Thanks a lot, and yes rails is the main reason I started learning ruby
:slight_smile: I guess I have to read rather quickly and catch up faster to classes
and blocks and check out other books if it helps then start with rails
:slight_smile: thanks again