How is rails better than phoenix?

I just stumbled upon this new shiny framework called phonenix on the internet . It boasted of how it was “magnitudes” faster than rails and “scalable” . The numbers that were published in terms of memory consumption and speed were staggering. Phoenix indeed is fast.

My question is on which points is rails better than phoenix ? Can rails and phoenix be compared ?

P.S. I love rails and it is the first web framework which taught me crud :slight_smile:

Thank you rubyists,


They can be compared, but not in the way you think. Whilst Phoenix is probably faster than rails when serving things, the runtime it sits atop of (Erlang/OTP) doesn’t strike me as easier to use than ruby and most definitely not faster to develop with. In terms of performance, time-to-live is more relevant metric than how long the average request takes to be served. In summary, be wary of premature optimization.

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