How I do to run Rails on Apache?

Scenario: Windows Vista - Rails 3.0.3 - Rub(ies)1.9.2-p136 & 1.8.7p330 - MySQL5.5 - Apache2.2 - git/cygwin -everything setup and working, BUT WEBrick is becoming temperamental. I want to run Rails on Apache.

Is it possible? What should I do.

I made some simple tests like build applications with Ruby 1.9.2 and after with 1.8.7. Rails on WEBrick set the tables and makes the models/ migrations and tables at MySQL.

When I use 1.9.2 everything is well, but when I do the same application with 1.8.7, I can only access the index page made by the controller if I change the environment to 1.9.2.

WEBrick starts, but when I call http://localhost:3000 on browser, it keeps rotating the cursor for ages&eons till the eternity arrives and nothing loads. If I change tha environment to 1.9.2 and make the same call index page appears.

Anyone can give any idea on what's happening?

Thanks a lot in anticipation.

Well, for starters, each Ruby has its own set of gems, so you might want to go through your dependencies and make sure that you have the same set of gems installed in 1.8.7 as you do in 1.9.2. And what says your log in all this? When you start your application in Webrick, it should tell you quite explicitly what is going on, well before you try hitting your URL in a browser and after, too.


Walter, Thanks for your comments. I think you are right about the gems. I'll put both Rubies even with the same gems and see what happens. About your comment on WEBrick reporting what's happening, it does when Ruby 1.9.2 is running but I change to 1.8.7, it simply loads and after the lines saying that I have a connection on localhos:3000, pid=4892 or something, it simply stops and the cursor keep blinking at the command window. At the browser window the cursor keeps rotating, and that's all. Nothing else. No messages, simply nothing. I will try your suggestion about the gems. Thank You very much.