how hard to get a rails developer job in new york

So I'm currently working at SF based startup, just graduate on 2011 June, and been working rails(mostly rails+frontend stuffs). I'm thinking to move NYC this Summer, sooner the better but people says I should work at least an year for my experience. Basically my question is, how hard to get a rails job in NYC? (preferably rails front end job, and I do have a CS degree)

If you're worried about how easy it is to find a Rails job, I wonder why you'd leave SF! That's the *mecca* of Rails-based companies, not all of which are startups. But for now I'll ass-u-me it's for other reasons, like the climate, politics, hills, bad breakup, etc.

There are lots of Rails jobs in NYC too. Again, both startups and not. Bloomberg's been trying to get me to move there for years. (The company, not Mike his-own-self!)

If you're just looking to leave SF rather than specifically go to NYC: Chicago, Portland (Oregon), and Washington DC also have pretty high Rails usage. Portland has some names you might have heard of, like Puppet and New Relic, and when I visited it last summer it seemed like a really great place to live.

Try searching the major job boards for Rails jobs, with no geographical filters. See where they land. There might even be a way to map them, so you can see the hot spots at a glance.