How do you unsubscribe from this group

I have sent messages to repeatedly asking to be removed. It auto-replies each time insisting that I'm not a member if the group and I keep recieving the emails. Today, I went so far as to join the group and set it up to not send me emails. Of course, that didn't work either.

As far as I can determine, there's no administrator address for this group. How do you unsubscribe when Google's autobot has gone stupid?

Are you perhaps receiving the emails via another email address that is
forwarding to your primary one? (the email headers should provide
insight into whether this is happening)


Go to
from where you can unsubscribe. It sounds though as if you think you
were not subscribed in the first place. That suggests that you were
subscribed with a different email address, in which case check the
mail headers to see which email address the posts are being sent to.