how do you access params that are both model based and non model based?

Hi all

Apologies first of all if this it the third time of seeing this, I posted previously but didn’t see it on the googlegroup archive or current discussions.

Ive got a form that’s based on a model that I need to put a drop down

box and additional text field to build the description for the item.

heres some quick code


<%= form_for (@shape) do |f| %>

<%= f.text_field :description %>

<%= select_tag “shape_name”, "roundsquare</

triangular" %>

<%= text_field_tag “shape_code” =>


@shape.description = params[:description]

@shape.shape = “#{params[:shape_name]} #{params[:shape_code]}”

What happens is I get the shape.shape set right (to the name from the

select box and the code from the text field) but description is always


Heres whats in the params when I do a raise shape.to_yaml to debug it.


“shape_code”=>“shape code is here”,

“order”=>{“description”=>“this is a description”}}

Can someone point out how I should be accessing the params so I can

set the description of the shape?

Many thanks

Jonathan Gill

Jonathan Gill wrote:

"shape_code"=>"shape code is here",
"order"=>{"description"=>"this is a description"}}

Can someone point out how I should be accessing the params so I can
set the description of the shape?

Many thanks

Jonathan Gill

@shape.description = params[:order][:description]

Many thanks for that! Just what I needed to know. I thought I tried that, but I guess I didnt.

Along the same lines how about when Ive got a select_date on the form? The data comes back in the params as
{stuff => “something”,
order=> {“thedate(3i)” =>“2009”,
“thedate(2i)” => “10”,
“thedate(1i)” => “1”}}

Ive tried


and a load of other ways that are definately wrong! Ive also looked through the ruby book and the agile ruby on rails book, but not sure what to look for so cant help myself here.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Many thanks

Jonathan Gill

To post a followup. So the archive is here.

Seems the problem is when not doing mass assignment active record does the date object creation.

This blog post explains is much better than I can but lets say it solves it.

So updating a date or datetime field in a model from params yourself is not easy but can be done with the above link

(thats for the search next time!)

Thanks to all that helped on this.

Jonathan Gill

Hi all,
I have two fields in a form.
One text field non asociated to the model for the user type a value. the view is:
<%= text_field_tag 'item_cod','', :size => 3 %>

Other a field with a select list with codes, names for the user select from. The view is:

<%= :item_id, Item.select_list, :size => 40 %>

item_id is the real field of my model.

I want the following behavior.
1. If the user type a code into the text_field tag -> Update the list so the user view the corresponding name of the item they type.
2. If the user select from the list -> Update the text field with the code corresponding to the name selected. (this is the easy part)

My form works fine with one Observe field for the :item_id list but I can't do work the point 1.

Thanks in advance,

                                   I want the

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