How can I use rails in my public_html

I have no root permission on the server, only a public_html in my
The http server is not apache; it only support cgi script.

Can I use rails in my public_html?

I would find another host, personally. Ideally you would want the
actual Rails application to live outside of public_html. I always put
mine in $HOME and create a symbolic link from $HOME/public_html to
RailsAppDir/public and that works fine.

You could most likely make this work if you wanted to use mod_rewrite
and a custom .htaccess files to route all reqests going to / to /
RailsApp/public/dispatch.fcgi -- Actually, in thinking about it, you
could just modify the original rails .htaccess file to do this.

You'd probably need to put the rails app inside the cgi-bin though, if
you don't have permission to change the permissions on files to make
dispatch executable.

I would echo Matt in many ways. If possible, I recommend getting a VPS
somewhere and working with that because you will learn a lot of
valuable information about how Rails works.

Thanks for your suggestion.

The difficult thing is our http server is not apache, so mod_rewrite
is not available.

The only way is to use cgi script, i think.
But i have no idea how rails can be used only in a cgi approach.