How can i use grover gem in rails

Hello I am trying to use wickedpdf to generate pdf. but i have found out a new gem that is more useful with latest css. that is grover. can any one please tell me how can i use grover gem in my rails app.

Grover Gem Link

Thank you

What have you tried so far? The gem looks nice and self-contained. You should be able to use render_to_string to generate the HTML source, and send_data to dispatch the output from grover to a browser.


Are you kidding me? Did you even try to read the Readme? Everything you need to know to get it running is explained there. If you can’t get this simple stuff to work then do your homework first instead of bothering other people in here.

In my opinion people like you should be banned from this board. In another thread you seriously asked: “How can i build appointment management system?” and expect others to solve this whole project for you.

Or this here: Froala WYSIWYG Editor on Rails 6 This thing has a whole readme etc.

Stop being lazy and get your fundamentals right first.Then start to ask specific questions. This behavior is extremely disrespectful towards other community members.

@Bijan there’s no need to be disrespectful. If he’s posted the question is because he definitely needs some pointers. You could ask what is it that’s not working for him, or what parts of the readme aren’t clear for him. Maybe English is not his first language, you know? Diving into a readme when you’re starting out is a daunting task.

A bit of compassion goes a long way.

Everyone learns in their own way, and not everyone has read How to ask good questions (yet).[1]

Also, being honest goes a long way. I saw a person who asked a question on the Rails Slack this week, and the immediate reply was “What have you tried”. The answer came just as quickly: “Drinking heavily”. And yes, we have all been at that point.


  1. Updated version, with pictures! How to ask good questions

I do not agree with you. Asking a question like this is extremely disrespectful, given the fact that there are specific sections in the readme that cover Rails integration. Shows me that he didn’t even try to read it. The OP clearly doesn’t bother investigating his own problem.