appears to have had an ownership change.

Uggh, this happened to be me before, my site trashed when the host had
business problems.

I hope it won't be that bad. It seems Jumpline has taken over
hostingrails and it also seems that there
have been support transition problems.

My site has been down on and off for over a week and what is worse,
support doesn't seem to know
what they are doing.

pray4me pleez.

Yup, the new support people seem incompetent. They just moved my
account to a new server and I've had tons of trouble... it's been
three days and they still don't have my Subversion repository working.
I don't know why but the support people also seem annoyed by my
attempts to get their... support.

This is such a shame because they were so good before.

--Best wishes

Same here, we are now down for our second full day. Our environment
is pointing to code from 2008 in our largest locations. I've
screamed, yelled and have gotten nowhere. My developer is now 11
hours in at $50/hr and we aren't any closer. Still can't get the
environment correct.

I just gave him the directive to go to another provider. HostingRails
is a business killer.


Hostingrails is a bunch on incompetent idiots. Our environment is
still down 48 hours later with very little hope to get it online

The main developer has been given the directive to get away from these


Indeed, hostingrails is the worst rails hosting company available. If
you want to try the worst, try hostingrails.

Hi, I pretty much had the same issues reported here, especially after
the "upgrade" on some servers.

The question is: what RoR hosting provider would you suggest ? I've
heard good things about site5, and was myself a happy Lunarpages
customer but I left because at the time they were not supporting RoR
and shell access.



I received a 4/24/2010 email from that states:

If you are currently
using outside name servers for your website, you will need to either
update your DNS name server records for your domain name to
( and

The above email is wrong, or least today, it is wrong.
To correctly get my DNS working after the server change, I needed to point my DNS to: and and seemed to be the same web page except has a forum tab

and does not have a forum tab.

The forum’s tab points to

There is not a

gogo wrote:

Hi, I pretty much had the same issues reported here, especially after
the "upgrade" on some servers.

The question is: what RoR hosting provider would you suggest ? I've
heard good things about site5, and was myself a happy Lunarpages
customer but I left because at the time they were not supporting RoR
and shell access.

I like Slicehost, or Heroku.




The original estimate of 24-72 hours is currently off by over a week.

I currently experience site halts of over 5 minutes more than twice

My git repository suddenly reverted to the first commit. I had to
rebuild my development history from a git clone. Fortunately all
history was present in the clone so no work was lost.

I'm not sure who the "my" is in the new name "" but
it definitely doesn't seem to be paying customers.

This feels like a class action suit in the making...


I would support anyone who has had a similar experience with
Hostingrails (which seems like many), to pursue a class action

Our story:

My company is a web agency and we hosted several of our client
websites with Hostingrails. On April 30th, I received notification
from one of our customers that their site was down. I then found out
all of our sites were down. We called hostingrails support and
submitted a ticket for an urgent correction. No response was
officially given until Sunday morning! We were not able to call on the
weekend as they have NO weekend call support. After our own
developer's investigation, we finally realized that our sites IP
addresses had been changed (without them even informing us!). After
posting numerous tickets, hostingrails finally gave us the new IP's to
redirect to. This was only the start of our problems...On Monday, we
called the support and they finally explained there was a server
upgrade and "we should have know about this" (our sites have been down
for 72 hours at this point). We NEVER received any email or
notification, nor could they prove they sent us any such message. I
demanded to speak to a manager in charge, his name is Derek Hopper. He
wasn't available but support promised to call back taking my number
(European number). Then he sent an email saying he was unable to make
international calls (what a load of BS!).

In short, we never got our issues resolved and the server change
forced us to move all websites to a new server. This wasted 5 days of
our time and not to mention significant financial losses and damage to
our reputation. Even after all of this, we asked Derek for our money
back on hosting we have not used (we paid 2 years in advance hosting).
He came up with the biggest BS excuse ever saying he "can't make a
refund due to the merchant system". He then asked us to "trust him"
and we could have free hosting for 2 years (extended to 2014). He even
had the nerve to offer this when our current issues were still NOT
resolved. I have never dealt with more incompetent people in my life.

We have not received a refund yet but will do whatever it takes to get
some justice in this case. If anyone else has a similar story to share
or would like to investigate a class action lawsuit, please email me


We have had a very similar experience, with two separate hostingrails
sites. We eventually moved all our sites over to
and been happy with them so far.

I've never had a hosting company switch me to a new server without
thoroughly ensuring everything works and getting my approval before
throwing the switch. Hostingrails on the other hand, arrogantly just
moved my files over and sent me an email notification that my IP has
changed. Then all hell broke loose. SMTP failures, site down for hours
at a time, multiple times a day, tried to contact Support
continuously. The went on for over 2 weeks, as we moved to a new
hosting company. I have lost a major Beta customer in the process.

I was actually hung-up on by the "customer support" manager, Derek,
after I asked the support technician to transfer me to his boss,
because I dared to say the situation was "bullshit" ("I'm terminating
this call because of your bad language"). Support tickets are closed
without being resolved. Hostingrails used to have exceptional support.
Now its in the toilet.

In an attempt to give them one last chance, I tried to contact
"management" but there's none listed on their website. I called their
sales and support lines and asked for the name of the company
president, and was refused that information. Quite unbelievable.


Same here.
I have 5 small websites hosted at
Since April, I have much troubles with my apps.

I already wrote to the sales.

I've had the same experience with them. I host over 40 sites in a CMS
application on Hosting Rails. They sent me the IP change email *after*
our sites went down. It took three days to recover, during which their
support kept giving us different reasons why this was our fault.

When I called them a week later to tell them this was unacceptable, the
rep told me, "well, only a few of our customers were affected."


We recently moved our RAILS hosting to AND we are
loving it. Had bad experience with hostingrails even before ownership

Danny Collier wrote: