Hoe to set production mode in rails 2.3.3

I have a very basic question, that I cannot find the answer to How to configure your application fro production mode in rails 2.3.3 The result of my googling is that I should uncomment a line ENV ['RAILS_ENV'] ||= 'production' but that line is not foun din 2.3.3

Any help would be appreciated

are you wondering how to start your application in production mode?

ruby script/server -eproduction

In earlier version you configured the environment.rb file to run the application in production mode.In 2.3.3 that seems not be the case. How do I get the application to use the production db I am using a web hotel for productio mode an cannot start the application as you propos

What app server (Mongrel, Passenger, etc) are you running? You can find specific instructions in the corresponding documentation. But for the general case, have you actually tried adding ENV['RAILS_ENV'] ||= 'production' to the beginning of your environment.rb? Rails still checks the RAILS_ENV environment variable, so....