Hobo and other gems for rapid prototyping

Don Ziesig, thanks for bringing up the hobo gem for rapid prototyping. Now I know that I wasn’t the first person to think of the idea of streamlining the process of starting a Rails site instead of having to follow all of the steps in chapters 3 through 9 of Rails tutorial. I learned a lot from creating my copy_rails_tutorial gem, but I now see that my rapid prototyping gem is very crude.

From a Google search, I see that there are many other rapid prototyping gems as well. I’d like to hear from those of you who like to use these rapid prototyping gems. Which one do you prefer, and why do you prefer that rapid prototyping gem over the others? I’m sure that they all have their share of strengths and weaknesses.

I’d recommend learning the core rails architecture before working on any of the rapid prototyping gems. I did the same mistake and i think its not worth it. Here is my story.

I started learning hobo without any prior rails knowledge and after a certain period i hit the wall. its because i couldn’t figure out the internals of rails routing and controllers or even model callbacks. So i went back to learn rails and finally figured out how rapid prototyping does it “under the hood”. So once you understand this, you can make full use of rapid prototyping the way it should be.