Hi pls help me abt Rails

hi all,

I need to pass the text box values of one file which has .rb as its
extension to textbox of another .rb file.

ie. i have a file named account_controller which maintainsfor login
records ,when a user enter their login id ..this value to be
saved..and i have a schedule_controller where the schedule of that
particular user is maintained..in order rather entering name again in
the schedule form when the user enter their respective name in the
login text field itself it automatically stored up in a session and in
the schedule forms textfield it is displayed in a disabled manner
where it prevents editing of user name...

@data = params[:user_login]
flash[:notice] ="Welcome Admin : #{@data}"
i used these set of codes but its not displaying even in the
form..pls tell me solution for this..

Thanks &Regards,