hi folks....

i m a beginner in ruby on rails... i need a complete a code for the

                                  1. To parse a word document
containing the students details...
                                  2.i ve to link these details in to

i need all the codings to be done in ruby on rails...

I may not fully understand the question, but are you asking someone to
supply the whole application for you? If not then a more focussed
question indicating the particular detail that you need help with
would be better.

I presume you have already worked through some tutorials such as the
rails guides and used google to try and answer the questions yourself.


thanks for your quick reply... see i have to parse a word document and
i have to map those details to database in ROR...

That's not really what we do here...try


thanks for your reply... atleast just say me the overview or steps i
have to follow in doing that application...

Well Word doc's are tricky, here's some ideas from SO.com:


That will probably be the hardest part, after parsing it, it should be
a pretty standard thing to take the data and put it in a DB, any
decent Rails tutorial can teach you that.

thanks actually for referring that link... i want some more details
regarding that...