have anyone some experience with Heroku?
I have an account there, but I’m unable to tell git to work with it. Can some of you help me please?

Jan Kadera

So you are really asking the Rails mailing list for help with a tool
interfacing with a service provider?


Hi Jan, I would recommend speaking with your account representatives or the Heroku support because there may

be configuration issues with your account.

Good luck,


I think the OP asked a fair question. People ask about deploying on Dreamhost or [insert host name here] all the time on this list. Why not Heroku?

To the OP: More information would be helpful. Like what doesn't work? Have you checked out their support section and uploaded your public key?

Hi Jan,

I'm supposing you are a newbie just like me.

So, answering your question on a -- Ruby on Rails TALK group --

Last year I give a try putting some simple applications there, and was
unable to get my apps. from git also.

It was heroku/garden at that time, and there was a feature letting
users to upload apps. in ZIP format.

It was much easier that way...

So, I politely suggest you to get in touch with the Heroku support
team, and check not only your current git interface problem but the
ZIP upload alternative also.

Thanks for your question !

Hi Jan,

I assume you have checked the heroku docs at heroku.com?
Did you follow the steps described there to get started?
Can you give details about what is not working?