am a new ror user
need some help for validation errors..
this is the error i see.......

NoMethodError in Login#add_user
Showing app/views/login/add_user.rhtml where line #14 raised:

undefined method `password' for #<User:0x46d6a4c>

Extracted source (around line #14):

11: </p>
12: <p>
13: <label for="user_password" >Password:</label>
14: <%= form.password_field :password, :size => 40 %>
15: </p>
16: <p>
17: <label for="user_password_confirmation" >Confirm:</label>


Please help asap..
am tryn to validate users using password and a salt value.

u need add a custom attribute to your user model:
class User < ActiveRecord
attr_accessor :password

#other code

will let u kno if it works....

thnx it really helpd..