help with sortable_element


I made a sortable list that works fine. It does what I want – it sorts, and the order of the list is updated in the database. When you drag an element up the window, it scrolls. It’s draggable by the header.

However, I also want elements of that list to be draggable outside the sorting container. I can drag vertically outside the sorting container, but I cannot drag horizontally. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


One more thing -- here is my code:

<%= sortable_element('list', :tag => "div", :handle => "header", :constrain => 'false', :scroll => :window,:url => { :action => "sort_by_position" , :id => @elements_to_show },:complete => visual_effect(:highlight, element_id = false))%>

Whoops, syntax was wrong -- it should be

:constraint => false