sortable_element problem in scrollable div

If I use scrollable_element on a long list inside a div which is scrollable, the moment I click on one of the items without even moving the mouse it jumps up to a higher position (IE & Firefox), if i drag and drop the dropped element is moved higher than where I dropped.

I suspect that this has something to do with drag and drop relying on mouse position within the whole page and not on the position within the containing element.

Also it would be nice if the list would scroll automatically if i drag the item towards the top/bottom of the list. I could use move up/move down links in the rows as a last resort but drag and drop is so much friendlier if the row needs to move up/down by multiple rows.

Any ideas ...

Before any one suggests [ I can see the flames a mile away :slight_smile: ] I should avoid using a scrollable div, I have already considered that and it won't be viable in the app I'm writing as the customer insists the 'header' and 'footer' details remain visible (e.g. Customer, Supplier Info in header/scrollable details/totals and buttons at bottom). To be honest I tend to agree with them because if there is one thing I hate about most web page designs is scrolling down to read a document and having to scroll back up again to get at the top/sidebar menu. That is fine as a fallback but not acceptable when the browser supports scrolling divs/iframes/whatevers.

I meant sortable_element not scrollable_element

Ok Ok, RTM I know, I did a search before I posted but obviously not with the right terms, After another search I found the correct documentation and solved my problem.