Help with pagination

Hi I had to display a 1000 lines of data from a xml file stored into an array so i used pagination
in my_vlist.rb
page = (params[:page] ||= 1).to_i
items_per_page = 20
offset = (page - 1) * items_per_page

    @item_pages =, @my_list.length, items_per_page, page)
    @my_list = @my_list[offset..(offset + items_per_page - 1)]       

in my_vlist.rhtml
<% for page in @item_pages -%>

<%= link_to_unless(params[:page].to_i == page.number, page.number,
        {:params => params.merge('page' => page)},
        {:class => 'linked_page'}) {|link_name| "<span class='unlinked_page'>#{link_name}</span>"} %>&nbsp;

<% end -%>

Now i display the my_vlist in another page through render_component tag, now the problem is that when i click on the links given by the paginate, it abandons the current page and opens a url with my_vlist?filter=%2A&page=2

how can i make it render in the same location of the page