Help with modrails and Apache2

I am using modrails and Apache2. The first time I use my app it goes
very slow but later it goes very fast. If I don't use the app during 20
min, again the first clic goes very slow and later it goes fast. What's
the problem?

You might go over to the mod_rails forum and try posting there.

Also, I just now saw this post after replying to your earlier one. My
response there is useless if you are using mod_rails.


P.S. I'm still working on switching to mod_rails, otherwise I'd try
fiddling and see what I could find out. I'm very interested in this,
though, as I'm considering migrating to mod_rails for all my hosted
rails apps. So if you do discover a solution, please post it!

Where IS the mod_rails forum??

So there ise a mod_rails forum! Where it is please?

-- Maurice

Mod_rails was originally called Phusion.